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Tad's Page

Knowledge, experience and humor, a winning combination
Experience does count in this world, especially in real estate. Several careers and much dabbling has added greatly to Tad Bourg’s experience. But the common theme throughout his life has always been real estate. He just loves it!

Tad and wife Nancy made their way to this paradise called Taos after graduating from LSU in 1972. Here they raised their young family. Now Tad is a principal in the Taos Country Club–a great course and a successful project. The experience he gained investing his time and money has enabled him to share his valuable experience with those seeking to own and run successful ventures in and around Taos.

Enjoy the sweet–and sustainable Taos lifestyle!
Taos is the solar capital of the world, and Tad and Nancy live off the grid. Tad is the perfect choice to advise you on your purchase of sustainable housing. If you are interested in the wonders of Northern New Mexico and want to know more, give Tad a call or email. If you like to golf, come and play some! Tad is a PGA professional.

Regardless of your needs, and the depth of your pockets, if you want to know Taos, Tad is your man. He can do it, and do it well.